2016 the 9th Cyber Sousa awards


- Works collection: February 20 to June 10

- Preliminary selection: June 25 to July 5

- Final appraisal: July 15 to July 20,

- “Cyber Sousa” announcing prize-winning works in August



 Address: ASIFA-CHINA 

4th Floor,No.3,Shi Jing Shan Science and Technology Museum,Shi Jing Shan District, Beijing, China.

Postal code: 100043


E-mail: contact@asifa.cn


The 9th Cyber Sousa awards

Domestic Group:
Best Long Animated Film
Best Animated Series
Best Animated Application
Best Animated Short Film
Best Animation
Best Student Animation
Best Student Animated Film
Haixi Innovation

Overseas Group:
Best Animated Short Film
Best Animated Series

TEL: 86-(0)592-5953932, 86-(0)592-5953959 FAX: 86-(0)592-5953953 E-mail: hyl@cybersousa.org

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