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    Introduction to Xiamen International Animation Festival(XIAF)

    XIAF, is hosted by Xiamen Municipal Government, P. R. China, and organized by Xiamen International Animation Festival Organizing Committee. It is a well-known exhibition that integrates competitions, exhibitions, forums and business invitations. With the main purpose of promoting the industry and participation of all people, the Festival holds three thematic activities, namely Cyber Sousa Award Competition, ACG Business Conference, and ACG Carnival.

    I. Cyber Sousa Award Competition
    Supported by the government, ACG industry and academic community, Cyber Sousa Award Competition is one of the most authoritative and most widely influential events in China’s animation industry, as well as the only China Model Festival accredited by ASIFA in China. Since its first session in 2008, it has always adhered to professional evaluation standards and the principles of fairness, openness and impartiality. Rooted in China with a global perspective, the Festival aims to discover outstanding domestic animation works and talents, and promote the development of Chinese original animation through the exchange of Chinese and foreign animation works. With a total of 32,000 works collected in 13 years, the Cyber Sousa Award has become the animation competition with the largest number of entries, the highest total prize money, the strictest judging standards and the greatest international influence in China, and has an excellent reputation and high quality in the industry.

    The 13th Cyber Sousa Award 2020 set up a total of 13 overall awards (8 animation awards and 5 comic awards) and 3 individual awards, with a total prize money of RMB 2.3 million. For the first time, three individual animated short film prizes, namely Best Director, Best Soundtrack and Best Art were added; a global database of expert judges was established; an online judging system was specially set up for overseas judges and also an online submission channel for works was set up. The 13th Cyber Sousa Award received a total of 2,916 entries from 43 countries and regions, including 2,672 domestic entries and 244 overseas entries, with entries from a wide range of regions, including France, Spain, the United States, Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Russia. Student works came from 76 animation art schools across China. All works had a wide range of subjects, distinctive styles and positive themes. Compared to previous years, more works were closely related to current hot spots, especially those reflecting stories of battles against COVID-19, ecological and environmental protection and the promotion of traditional culture.

    The Cyber Sousa Award provides a broad platform for animation enthusiasts to showcase their works. With the support and cooperation of the ASIFA, the outstanding works of the competition will be recommended by ASIFA-China and will have the opportunity to be selected to participate in the famous international competitions of ASIFA, including: Zagreb World Festival of Animated Film, Annecy Animated Film Festival, Hiroshima Anime Festival, Tokyo Anime Festival, Seoul SICAF, Annie Awards, Ottawa International Animation Festival. Relying on the industry resources and professional teams, XIAF jointly carries out the regular operation of the Online Animation Festival, explores the market opportunities for Cyber Sousa Competition entrants and works, including IP incubation, content publishing and distribution, IP licensing, service outsourcing, cultural tourism cooperation, project investment and financing, etc., so as to help Cyber Sousa Competition achieve “animation industrialization and industrial animation”. In addition, activities such as “Animation Forum” and “Animation Screening Week” are held during the festival every year.

    II.ACG Business Conference
    XIAF focuses on building an important industry-oriented event brand. Through high-end industrial forums, project docking, project signing, “one-to-one” matchmaking and free exchanges, the business conference aggregates and optimizes industrial resources, develops a professional and efficient industrial cooperation and exchange platform, creates an industrial atmosphere and helps industrial development.

    The ACG Business Conference 2020 mainly focused on original creators and original content, and worked together with top platforms, capital, distribution, licensing and production to build a platform for exchange and docking on topics such as publishing and distribution, IP licensing, cultural tourism integration, project incubation, venture capital and industry realization. A series of business activities were customized, mainly including Cyber Sousa Award Ceremony, the signing of XIAF industrial projects, the Cyber Sousa Night exchange meeting, the animation film appreciation meeting (Focus on Xiamen), the animation film forum, work appreciation and the award ceremony of Cyber Sousa Game Development Competition, Game Industry Seminar Forum, etc.

    The 2021 China Animation Industry Annual Meeting, organized by China Audio-video and Digital Publishing Association, will be held at the same time. The main activities include the inaugural meeting of the Animation Working Committee and its first member representative conference, the Forum on the Integrated Development of China''s Animation Industry, the “Animation + Cultural Tourism” Forum, and the sharing session on animation IP derivative licensing experience.

    XIAF focuses on “inviting investment and promoting development” as well as “promoting the industry with festivals”, assisting the overall investment invitation situation and highlighting the effectiveness of industrial exchanges and cooperation. 14 professional activities were held at the 2020 Business Conference, with more than 500 enterprises and creators participating in offline docking activities, 8 projects were signed, and 14 cooperation projects in the field of ACG were signed on site.

    The main participating enterprises included iQIYI, Alpha Animation, Babel Time, Dison Techonology, Modian, Block 12, MetaApp, L2 Studio, Feiyu Technology, Win Sing Animation, Chun Hong wind Network, Comic Fans Culture, D-Rock Art, T-Thunder Animation, Sparkly Key, Steam Works, Fanta Wild, king Net, Kuaikan Comic, Mili Pictures, Migu Animation,Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Chuang Cool Entertainment, Overseas Chinese Town, Tecent Animation, Nice Boat Animation, and Xiaoming Taichi.

    III.ACG Carnival
    The 12th ACG Carnival covered an area of 40,000 square meters, with 520 booths and nearly 200 participating companies, including over 30 overseas companies from 9 countries and regions along the Belt and Road, including Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. The public participated in 110 supporting activities, with 75,000 visitors over three days, which was the largest outdoor ACG showcase in the country.

    Major exhibitors are: Tecent, Elite Animation, Kantaku Animation, Migu Animation, 52Toys, ACG Taobao, Douyu Livestream, Aimon, SK Culture Media, Seven Stone Entertainment, Tianwen Kadokawa.

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