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    Competition Objective
    The Cyber Sousa Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival is designed to explore outstanding domestic ACG works and talents, encourage the application of animation technology in various industries and fields, and promote the development of ACG industry through the exchange and evaluation of Chinese and overseas ACG works.

    July – Sep. 01, 2021      Soliciting entries
    25 Sep. - 27 Sep. 2021  Pre-selection and initial shortlist assessment
    13 Oct. - 15 Oct. 2021    Initial Shortlist announcement
    23 Oct. - 25 Oct. 2021    Final judging
    2021 Nov.                       Announcement of winning entries (subject to the time of XIAF)

     Prize Setting

    2021( 14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival (XIAF) Cyber Sousa Award Competition has set up 13 overall awards and 3 individual awards for animated short film, with a total prize money of 2.3 million RMB, as follows.

    1. The prize money is tax-inclusive, and the personal income tax related to the prize money will be withheld and paid by the Xiamen International Animation Festival Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Organizing Committee).
    2. If there are less than 12 entries for an award, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to leave the award vacant.
    3. The individual award for Animated Short Film will be selected from all shortlists for Animated Short Film Award (both overseas and China Mainland) and Student Animated Film Award. No separate submission is required.

    Submission Requirements

    1. Entries must be works finished after January 1, 2019. Please submit your work in accordance with the requirements of the award settings, and limit one entry to one award.

    2. The region of the work is determined by the agreement of the copyright holder or the region of the creative team.

    3. The following materials should be submitted:

    (1) Registration form: Fill in the entry information through the online registration system of Cyber Sousa Award (website: www.cybersousa.org), and an entry number will be generated after online submission. Print the registration form and sign or stamp on it. Only a completed and signed (or stamped on) registration form can be effectively registered, and the deadline for registration is 23:59 on September 1, 2021.

    (2) Entry Format Requirements

    ①Animation: Entries should be submitted in one of the following formats: MP4, AVI,MPEG,WMV,AFS,MOV. One episode of animated series is required for submission if a single episode of the series is longer than 20 minutes; two episodes for series shorter than 20 minutes.

    ②Comics: Works should be submitted in the format of JPG or PNG, and with a resolution of no less than 300DPI. Pictures should remain the original size and be named in reading sequence. Scroll comics are required to have a width of no less than 800px with no height restriction.

    ③No company watermarking or the word "sample" shall appear in the entries.

    ④Language requirements: Chinese or English. If the original language is neither Chinese nor English, please translate into either of them.

    (3) Posters of Entry: One poster or 3 shots (in JPG or PNG format) of every entry that shows the main scenes or characters should be provided.

    (4) Trailers of Entry: Trailers of animation entries should be provided and the duration should be no more than one minute.

    (5) Other Supporting Materials: Entries for Best Animated Feature Film (Chinese Mainland) and Best Animated Series (Chinese Mainland) should have been filed by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Television and Television. The relevant documents should be sealed officially and posted with the entries. To be eligible for Cross-Strait Special Animation Prize and Cross-Strait Special Comic Prize, enterprises are required to submit a copy of business licenses or equivalent licenses. Otherwise, it will be deemed ineligible. 

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