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    Selection Regulations of 2021 (14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival (XIAF)
    Cyber Sousa Award Competition 


    I. General Provisions

    Article 1  In order to encourage the development of the ACG industry and promote the application of information technology in the ACG industry, the XIAF Organizing Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizing Committee”) will organize the “Cyber Sousa” Award contest. In order to ensure that the competition is open, fair and just, and to ensure that the assessment work is carried out in a standardized and orderly manner, the Selection Regulation are formulated.

    II. Organizing Structure

    Article 2  According to the actual situation of the XIAF, the Organizing Committee has formulated the "Selection Regulations of 2021 (14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival Cyber Sousa Award Competition (hereinafter referred to as the Selection Regulations), " Entry Rules of 2021 (14th) Xiamen International Animation Festival Cyber Sousa Award Competition (hereinafter referred to as Entry Rules) and other regulations to guide the contest.

    Article 3  The Organizing Committee invites domestic and overseas ACG experts, specialists, academic scholars to serve as judges, who forms the "Cyber Sousa” Award Selection Committee (hereinafter referred to as the "Selection Committee") and the jury. The Selection Committee and the jury each has chairpersons and committee members responsible for the selection of works.

    III. Schedule of the Contest

    Article 4  Registration system is open since the publication day of the Selection Regulations, and will be closed on September 1st, 2021 for submission. The pre-selection and initial shortlist assessment of the entries are processed from September 25th to September 27th, 2021; and the final review of the shortlist will be processed from October 23rd to 25th, 2021. The winners will be announced in November.

    IV. Contest Categories and Awards Setting

    Article 5  According to the different characteristics of the entries, the contest has several categories with awards in each category. Awards and the number of awards are specified by the Entry Rules.

    Article 6  The jury may, according to the actual situation, have the right to recommend the Organizing Committee to properly adjust some of the awards and the number of awards.

    V. Registration and Participation

    Article 7  Qualifications for Entry

    1.       Entries must comply with Chinese laws, regulations and ethics. Entries must not contain pornographic, violent, bloody and other undesirable content.

    2.       Entries must be works created or published after January 1, 2019.

    3.       All entries must be original. Collective works require the consent of the main producer. The winning entries are publicized through online media. It is strictly prohibited to copy, plagiarize, or imitate others’ works. In case of any violation, the entrant will be disqualified and held accountable in accordance with the law.

    Article 8  No registration fee is required. After completing the entry form on the official website of Xiamen International Animation Festival (www.cybersousa.org), please submit the entries and the related materials as required in the Entry Rules.

    Article 9  After completing the registration form, the participants will be deemed to accept the terms of the Selection Regulations and the Entry Rules.

    VI. Appraisal

    Article 10  The selection process and criteria of the contest awards are specified by the Entry Rules.

    Article 11  The Organizing Committee and the jury will evaluate the works according to the Entry Rules and determine the winners.

    Article 12  All entries that have passed the initial evaluation can be released at the Xiamen International Animation Festival.

    VII. Awarding and Rewards

    Article 13  The Organizing Committee is responsible for awarding trophies, certificates and rewards to the winners of the "Cyber Sousa” Award contest. The awards setting and reward methods are specified by the Selection Regulations.

    VIII. Legal Items

    Article 14  All participants should be the legal owners of the entries and the copyrights who should shoulder corresponding legal responsibilities.

    Article 15  The copyright of the entries belongs to the participants themselves. The Organizing Committee may save the entries digitally. All participants will be deemed as having agreed to authorize Xiamen International Animation Festival Organizing Committee the right to use in the following circumstances (without further notice or payment):

    A. Entries and related materials are to be used for the promotion of events related to the official media, cooperative media, and cooperation platforms of the Organizing Committee.

    B. Entries and related materials are to be used in the award ceremony.

    C. Entries and related materials are to be displayed in the contest exhibitions (including touring exhibitions).

    D. The shortlisted works and related materials are to be collected and published.

    E. The winning works will be displayed and screened at the Xiamen International Animation Festival ACG Carnival Screening Week. The Organizing Committee has the right to determine the order, classification and schedule of the film screening.

    Article 16  The Organizing Committee does not assume any responsibility for the loss or damages of the entries during the mailing process.

    Article 17  Participants are free to participate in other similar contests or related commercial activities before or after the XIAF contest, however, any consequences caused from the conflicts with other contest regulations should be borne solely by the participant.

    IX. Supplementary Provisions

    Article 18  The Selection Regulations will take effect since the day it is released.

    Article 19  The Organizing Committee of the “Cyber Sousa” Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival reserves the right of final interpretation for the Selection Regulations.



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