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Overview of the Animation Industry in Xiamen

        Xiamen has begun to produce results in the production of cartoons. The city now boasts a number of companies that have made significant progress in this regard. These companies include Qingniao Animation, Xiamen Domoko Animation, Fengyun Animations and DEYA. A 98-part animated series entitled Garden of Virtue produced by Xiamen Qingniao has been broadcast on the children’s channel of the CCTV national television network. The company’s cartoon Hey! Twinkle Fox was named the best domestic cartoon of 2007. The animated series Wuyuan Bay 1 produced by Xiamen Fengyun Animations was awarded the “Best Architectural Animation Award” at the Second China(Beijing)International Cultural & Creative Industry Expo

       Xiamen has also made headway in the development of games. The hugely popular game Ask Tao, developed by G-bits Network Technology Co., Ltd at a cost of millions, has been heralded the leader in the fourth generation of bout-based online games. The game recently achieved an all time high of 700,000 players online simultaneously. The game, free to play, represents a powerful entry into the bout-based online game market. With masses of content, multiple play modes and excellent development, the number of players online simultaneously has been constantly on the rise. The incredible performance of Ask Tao caught the attention of IDGVC, who subsequently made a risk investment of millions in G-bits. This is the first time that IDG has invested in a network game development team from mainland China. IDG previously invested in the Korean development team T3, who developed the title Audition. The historically themed game Wen Ding, currently under development at G-bits, has been named among the fourth group of games for the “Chinese Network Games Publishing Project” published by the General Administration of Press and Publication of the People’s Republic of China. In addition to animation and computer games, Xiamen’s mobile phone game industry has also seen rapid development. The game Sad Song on a Desert Island was an entry in the 2007 Best Interactive Experience Prize of the International Mobile Phone Game Center.

      Effective supporting policies and a sound environment for development are driving on the rapid growth of Xiamen’s animation industry. The Xiamen Municipal Government issued Opinions on Driving Forward the Development of Xiamen’s Animation Industry in 2006 in the aim of speeding up the growth of the animation industry in the city. The municipal government allocates special funds on an annual basis to aid animation companies in a number of areas, such as broadcasting and operation, and to develop Xiamen based animation brands.

      Moreover, in order to provide a better environment for the development of the animation industry, an animation industry area over 160,000 square meters in size has been established in the second phase of the Xiamen Software Park. Additionally, a digital media public technology service platform has also been built to compliment the area. The platform consists of a professional motion capture studio, 3D scanning, cluster rendering servers, recording studio, 3D projection, training workshop and image work station that are available to companies in the area.


       In recent years a great number of animation companies have emerged in Xiamen. These companies are becoming an irreplaceable force in the development of the city’s tertiary industries. There are currently more than 40 animation companies in Xiamen. These companies have released a large number of independent cartoons and games in a clear demonstration of Xiamen’s creative prowess.