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Regulations of Cyber Sousa Award of 2015 Xiamen International Animation Festival
I. General Provisions
       Cyber Sousa Award of 2015 Xiamen International Animation Festival is to be held from August 21st – 24, 2015 in Xiamen, China to promote development of the animation industry and the application of information technology in the industry. The regulations are hereby formulated to ensure an open and fair award and standard and orderly appraisal.
II. Organization
      The organizer has set up the organizing committee of Cyber Sousa Award (hereinafter referred to as Award Committee) together with relevant functional departments. The Award Committee has developed Regulations of Cyber Sousa Award of 2015 Xiamen International Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as Appraisal Regulations) and Competition Rules of Cyber Sousa Award of 2015 Xiamen International Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as Competition Rules) based on actual conditions to guide the work.
      Domestic and foreign animation experts, insiders and scholars from academic institutions will be invited to act as judges and form the Selection Committee and Jury. Chairman, members and other posts will be established for the selection work. 

III. Scheduel


On Dec. 30th 2014, release the scope of collected works, contest regulations and details;
 From Jan. 1st to June30th, 2015, receive the application of domestic and foreign entries;
From July 5th to July 15th, 2015, preliminary and first evaluation of entries;
On July 25th, 2015, release the list of entries into final evaluation;
From July 25th to July 30th, 2015, final evaluation of entries;
IV. Category and Awards
      A number of awards are set up based on features of animation works. The awards and number of winners are specified in the Competition Rules.
      The jury shall have the rights to ask Award Committee to adjust part of the awards and number of winners according to actual conditions.
V. Application and Entry
1. The entries must conform to Chinese laws and regulations and moral rules, and no any pornography, violence, slaughter and other objectionable contents are accepted whatsoever.
2. The entries must be created or made public after Jan. 1st, 2014.
3. All works must be original. A collective work must be approved by the chief creative personnel. Nominated works will be announced through network media. It’s forbidden to plagiarize or copy others’ works. The Award Committee shall have the right to disqualify contestants who do so once such behavior is found. Those who cause adverse impacts on the competition will be investigated for legal responsibility.
      Contestants don’t need to pay the registration fee. They shall fill in and submit the registration form at www.cybersousa.org , and submit entries and relevant information according to requirements of Competition Rules.
      A contestant will be deemed to have accepted provisions of the Appraisal Regulations and Competition Rules once he submits the Registration Form.
VI. Selection
     The procedure and criteria of selection shall be specified in Competition Rules.
     The Award Committee and jury will select award-winning works and determine the list of winners according to Competition Rules. The Award Committee will notify the contestants of the results within two weeks after the selection.
     All entries shortlisted will be shown at the Week of Animation Show of the festival.
VII. Prize Presentation and Reward
     The Award Committee will confer trophies, certificates and bonus to award winners. The awards settings and reward options shall be specified in Competition Rules.
VIII. Legal Matters
      All contestants shall be legal owners of their entries, have copyrights and bear corresponding legal responsibilities.
      Authors shall enjoy the copyrights of their works. During the competition, the Award Committee shall have the right to show the entries on media, and collect and publish excellent works.
      If an author does not make any statement on the registration form, the Award Committee shall have the right to use the whole or part of his work for publicity of the competition.
     The organizer shall bear no liability for entries that are lost in the mailing process.
     The Award Committee does not restrict a contestant to participate in a competition of the same kind or a relevant commercial activity at a period other than the period of the competition, but the contestant shall bear all the consequences of possible conflicts with organizers of other competitions or relevant institutions by himself.
IX. Supplementary Provisions
     The Appraisal Regulations shall come into effect as of the date of promulgation.
     The Award Committee reserves the final power of interpretation over the Appraisal Regulations.
Cyber Sousa Award Committee
March 15, 2015