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Award Ceremony of the Animation Competition & Closure of Animation Festival

Date: Evening of August 22,2015

Place: Studio Room in Xiamen Administration of Radio Film and Television
Scale: 200-300
Attendees: The Leaders of Ministries and Commissions from Central Gov, Provincial Gov and Municipal Gov. , the Representatives of ASIFA-AP, other specially invited guests, the authors of the selected works, etc.
Play Channel: Main domestic television media and main website
Related activities:
The selected works will be shown during the Award Ceremony
The Prizewinner will get the Prize Cup, Bonus and Certificate of Honors from the Organizer.
Perform the Theme Song of the Participant Works.
The Dub Performers of the Animation perform on the spot.
Please authorize to others to get the prize if not attended in person. The Deputy should submit the Original Power of Attorney to the Organizer.
The Organizer will invite some of the participants entered the final Competition to attend Award Ceremony as Guests, the expenses of traveling should be paid off by themselves.
The Organizer will arrange some media to interview the prize winners if they permit.


src=/fckeditor/userfiles/image/word%E5%9B%BE%E6%A0%87.jpgRegulations for “Cyber Sousa” Award of 2015 Xiamen International Animation Festival(金海豚章程) .doc

src=/fckeditor/userfiles/image/word%E5%9B%BE%E6%A0%87.jpgDetailed Rules for Participation in(参赛细则).doc

src=/fckeditor/userfiles/image/word%E5%9B%BE%E6%A0%87.jpg 2014年アモイ国際アニメ祭り「ゴールデン__ドルフィン」賞の参加細則.doc

src=/fckeditor/userfiles/image/word%E5%9B%BE%E6%A0%87.jpg 2014年アモイ国際アニメ祭り「ゴールデン__ドルフィン」賞の規定.doc