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Regulations for Competition of “Cyber Sousa” of 2014 Xiamen International Animation Festival
I. Purpose
The competition of “Cyber Sousa” of Xiamen International Animation Festival is to discover excellent works and talents at home and abroad to drive the development of animation industry by exchanging and evaluating foreign and Chinese animation works. At the same time, the competition actively encourages the application of animation technique in each industry and field and set awards like applied animation, phone animation and mobile comic, etc..
II. Schedule
- On Dec. 30th 2014, release the scope of collected works, contest regulations and details;

- From Jan. 1st to June30th, 2015, receive the application of domestic and foreign entries;

- From July 11st to July 13th, 2015, preliminary and first evaluation of entries;

- From July 25th to July 26th 2015, release the list of entries into final evaluation;

 III. Classification of Entries
1. Long Animated Film and TV Award: It shall be made for display in cinema and its duration is not less than 60min.
2. Animated TV Series Award: It is cartoon video film divided into several episodes.
3. Applied Animation Award: It is display animation, advertising animation, animation MTV, opening game animation presented in animation way by integrating many types of commercial factors as well as courseware used for teaching to introduce science, technology and science-related knowledge in an animation way.
4. Short Animated Film Award: Such film is narrative animation lasted for at most 30s, including network animation.
5. Phone Animation Award: It is animation works specially created for phone to play and its duration is 30s to 5min.
6. Mobile Comic Award: It is narrative multi-frame cartoon works in various forms and types, which is specially created for phone to play.
7. Student Animation Award: It is created by students at school and selected by schools collectively (not including social training organizations).
IV. Setting of Awards
Ten awards are set for 2014 competition of “Cyber Sousa” and details are shown below.

                                                                                             Unit: RMB 10,000 Yuan


Category Name of Award Gold Award Silver Award (two winners respectively)
Domestic group Best Animated Feature Film and TV 30 10
Best Animated TV Series 20 5
Best Applied Animation 15 5
Best Short Animated Film 10 5
Best Comic 15 5
Best Student Animation 10 5
Haixi Innovation Award 30 10
Sub-total 220
Overseas group Best Short Animated Film 10 5
Best Animated TV Series 20 5
Sub-total 50
Total 270



1. Awards like “Best Animated Feature Film And TV”, “Best Animated TV Series”, “Best Applied Animation”, “Best Mobile Animation”, “Best Mobile Comic” and “Haixi Innovation Award ”for domestic team, are only eligible for enterprises and animation studios with independent legal person qualifications.

2. Organization Committee can adjust the settings of awards according to recommendations of evaluation committee and announce any changes on official website.

3. Winners will receive a trophy, the certificate and Prizes of "cyber Sousa" Awards. 

V. Requirements on Submission of Entries
1. Any DVD, created with frame-by-frame animation or computer for play through film, TV or network can participate in the competition. Entries need to be finished after April 1st, 2011. All long animated films and TV series shall be recorded at the State Broadcasting Film and Television Administration.
2. For entries, following materials shall be submitted.
(1) Application form: Fill in information at online registration system of “Cyber Sousa” (website: www.cybersousa.org) and submit it online. Then, download and print application form and seal or sign on it.
(2) Requirements for format of entries: Except for “phone animation” and “mobile comic”, other entries shall be converted into any format of AVI, MPEG, WMV, AFS and MOV and recorded in disk (only one works can be recorded on one disk). And “contest number” generated by online registration system shall be marked on disk.
(3) Phone animation: Please provide two works of different specifications: 480*320PX 3GP format and 1280*720PX AVI format. It is required to provide two pieces of screenshots of works with broadside above 1200 pixel, which shall be recorded in DVD disk (only one works can be recorded on one disk) and “contest number” generated by online registration system shall be marked on disk.
(4) Mobile Comic: JPG format. Please provide two works of different specifications: 480*320PX (300PPI) and 800*480PX (300PPI). It shall be recorded in DVD disk (only one work can be recorded on one disk) and “contest number” generated by online registration system shall be marked on disk.
(5) Clips of entries (except short film): Clips of every works shall be provided only for their display on official website of Xiamen International Animation Festival. Its duration cannot exceed 1min and it shall be recorded into DVD disk. And “contest number” generated by online registration system shall be marked on the disk.
(6) Disks of entries shall be mailed to organization committee of “Cyber Sousa”.
3. Complete entries are only used for evaluation. For series with duration over 20 min, only one episode shall be submitted. For series of 10 min or less than 10min, it is required to submit two episodes for competition.
4. Requirements for language: Chinese and English (if original is not made in Chinese or English, please attach Chinese and English translations).
5. Only application forms with complete information and signature (or seal) can be registered and the deadline to receive works is 23:59 of June 30th, 2014.
VI. Transport and Insurance
The fees for transporting works to organization committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival shall be paid in advance. All disks sent to organization committee shall be marked with such declaration: No commercial value, and only for cultural use and selection for competition.
Video tapes and disks for pre-evaluation will not be returned, unless there is special requirement for returning with pre-payment of mailing fees. Organization committee will not undertake any responsibilities due to loss of entries in mailing process.
VII. Evaluation Committee
1. Members of evaluation committee are selected by organization committee and their responsibility is to select qualified entries for “Cyber Sousa” of animation festival by assessment.
2. Any judge cannot participate in evaluation of entries which have any form of contact with him or her.
3. Evaluation committee will select works according to their quality and ornamental value, especially the innovation awareness of works.
4. As there are a lot of entries, no notice will be sent to authors of non-nominated works.
VIII. Jury
1. Jury of formal contest is composed of at least 7 people, including at least 3 overseas judges.
2. A chairman shall be selected at the first jury meeting.
3. Any judge cannot participate in evaluation of entries which have any form of contact with him or her.
4. If entries of certain competition unit is less than 12 (entries of long animated films are less than 10), jury will have the right to make the award vacant.
5. Evaluation procedures and standards shall be formulated by jury.
6. Jury will select award-winning works and determine the winner list.
IX. Invitation
Authors of nomination award will be invited to participate in Xiamen International Animation Festival with free lodging and catering.
For top 20 winners of single type of entries, organization committee will recommend them to contact such cooperative partners as phone animation base of China Mobile, Animation Operation Center of China Telecom and Fujian Animation Operation Center of China Unicom in priority.
X. Copyright
1. All participants shall be authors or legal owners of their entries. If the entry is created collectively, the participant needs to ensure legal ownership of works. If this cannot be guaranteed, the works needs to participate in competition in the name of all authors.
2. All participants shall be considered to authorize organization committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival to display their works (all or part) for publicity in media or public occasions for non-commercial purposes.
XI. Display
1. Organization committee will carry out digitalized storage for all entries.
2. All selected entries will be displayed to general public during the Xiamen International Animation Festival.
3. Organization committee will decide the display sequence, categories and schedule.
4. Organization committee has the right to display winning works and carry out special display for non-commercial purposes.
XII. Award Ceremony
1. Award ceremony and news briefing will be held under the central management of organization committee of animation festival.
2. It is planned to hold award ceremony at the night of August 16th, 2014.
3. Organization committee will invite all nominated participants as the guests to take part in award ceremony.
4. As for foreign and domestic winners who cannot come to award ceremony due to certain reasons, others can be authorized to receive awards. In such case, the authorized person needs to submit original letter of authorization to organization committee.
5. Award-winning works will be displayed during the award ceremony.
6. Winners will get money and prize awarded by organization committee.
7. With the agreement of winners, organization committee will arrange special interview with media.
XIII. Legal affairs
1. All participants shall be legal owners of entries with copyright and bear corresponding legal responsibilities and all losses due to claim of others to the participants’ works. In case of any serious influence or loss is brought to organization committee or the competition, the participants shall undertake liabilities for compensation.
2. Copyright of all works is possessed by their authors. During the competition, organization committee has the right to display their works and play their entries on media and collect excellent ones for publication.
3. In case of no instruction on application form by the author, organization committee has the right to use their works or partial works for publicity of the competition.
4. The organization committee will not prohibit the participants from using such works for another type of competition or relevant commercial activities but all consequences arising from such use and conflicts with regulations of other contest organizers or relevant agencies shall be undertaken by the participants.
5. Participants with submission of application form shall be deemed to accept regulations and systems made by organization committee unconditionally. Any dispute shall be submitted to Xiamen Arbitration Committee for arbitration. Only regulations in Chinese are of legal force. Organization committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival has the right for final interpretation of the competition regulations.
XIV. Supplementary Provisions
1. Regulations and other provisions for the competition will be announced on official website of Xiamen International Animation Festival: www.cybersousa.org.
2. Regulations of the competition will be implemented from the date of announcement.

3. Final interpretation right to regulations of the competition belongs to organization committee of “Cyber Sousa” animation contest of Xiamen International Animation Festival.


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