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                               Profile of Xiamen International Animation Festival

      The 8th Xiamen International animation festival will be held on Aug. 21st,2015 – Aug. 24th,2015 at the expo center. 3166 works from 43 countries & areas were received in last year. 116,000,000,0RMB was gained during the animation festival, meanwhile, 150,000 audiences were engaged in joint activities. Outstanding professional characteristics, industrial communication atmosphere. Got an interaction atmosphere. Base on the situation, the schedule and scale of the animation festival in this year will be changed.


A.    Targets

Creating a professional communication platform, animation fans grand gathering, industrial connection carrier.

B.    Time

Aug. 21st,2015 – Aug. 24th,2015

C.     Place

A,B,C, Hall No.1, Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center.

D.    Organization

Guiding unitThe ministry of industry and information technology software services company

Committee of Fujian province

OrganizerXiamen Municipality.

Approval unitOrganizing Committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival




Name of Activities

Activity Contents

Classical  Activities


Cyber Sousa  Animation Contest

From Jan. 1st to June30th, 2014, receive the application of domestic and foreign entries. Then there will be 2000 excellent works range of home and abroad to compete ten awards. On July 25th, 2014, release the list of entries into final evaluation at the Cyber Sousa Award Ceremony.


Animation Comic Game & Technology Exhibition

Animation Comic Game & Technology Exhibition, which is the main activity of Xiamen International Animation Festival, will be hold on August 15th.2014 - August 19th.2014 at Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. This time, Chinese style’ will be the theme of the Festival to show the core definition according to the different theme day activities, to offer the superior communication platform for exhibitors.


Competition of Cyber Games

Mobile game-based, the final will be hold at the exhibition.


Cosplay Competition

Cosplay Show & Competition, Animation Games dubbing Competition etc.


Animation Pulpit

Animation Pulpit will be hold on August 16th.2014 at the  Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. Closed to the current animation industry development trend, combined with animation enterprise needs, be themed by exploring the development of new-style-media in the field of animation games, the invites domestic and foreign industry experts will be invited to attend the keynote speech and brainstorming.


Animation showing weeks

Animation showing weeks will be hold on August 15th.2014 - August 19th.2014 at the Hall No.3, Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. The Well-known animation creators will be invited to comment their own works. Previous winners and some excellent works which be recommended by ASIFA will be showed on the Animation showing weeks .


Cyber Sousa Award Ceremony

Cyber Sousa Award Ceremony will be hold on August 16th.2014 at Xiamen International Convention & Exhibition Center. Animation game industry professionals and finalists will be gathered, and then,   the ceremony will be broadcast by Xiamen TV, Tudou and QIY.


Animation Enterprise Symposium

For animation game industry and upstream and downstream enterprises (including animation game companies, financial investment, physical products manufacturers, education institution, the traditional media, new media and distribution channels, etc.), to carry out the one-on-one, directional face-to-face communication and docking, grasps the enterprise core requirements, to build a good communication platform and opportunity.



Digital hand-painted competition

Base on the achievement in the cartoon employee skills competition 2013, current competition having digital hand-painted as a subject. We’ll invite local and Taiwan cartoon game industry private haulerincrease exchanges Fujian-Taiwan, promote common development.


Animation summer/winter camp

The first Animation summer camp was be held in this year. Kids will complete the works under the guidance of professional animation teachers. Exercising the children''''s creative ability and practical ability.


Students painting Competition

“The whole city elementary and middle school students painting competition". The move aims to fusion region characteristic theme painting competition, fully arouse the enthusiasm of primary and middle school students  operational capacity .


Game development  competition

For game developers, organize the game development competition.


The theme exhibition of Transformers

During the exhibition period when Transformers IV has been released,30 anniversary exhibition will be held.


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                                        Organizing Committee of Xiamen International Animation Festival


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