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Member of Final Evaluation Committee for “Cyber Sousa”

Award of 2014 7th Xiamen Internation Animation Festival

Wang Lei

Assistant dean of Animation and digital art college of Communication University of China ( CUC ), the associate professor. WANG LEI is a Lecturer of “Animation Production” lecture in Northeastern University. He had host and participate several key research projects in the national press and publication administration, and ministry of culture of China. He published more than 10 papers in Academic journals, included Animation principle, 3D character animation and etc. more than five widely influential monographs and textbooks.


Yu PeiXia

President of the China Animation Association, former director of the youth program center in CCTV, CCTV Children's Channel animation director and Chairman.He has participated in Chinese cartoon production since the first Chinese TV cartoon performing for more than 30 years, who has creatively planned and executively produced nearly one hundred TV cartoon works. In 1981, he as one of directors which co-produced the first child Cartoon TV seriesBig Bird in Chinawith American "Sesame Street. This Cartoon production won the highest award the U.S. television "Emmy."


Yang WenYan

Yang WenYan, the currently executive director, president and executive producer of Shanghai Hippo Animation Design Co., Ltd. Vice President of China Animation Association, president of the Shanghai Animation Industry Association, vice president of Shanghai radio and television program production industry trade association.The “2010 world of animation Billboard of Chinese man”winner, the leading figures of “ current five year plan” Chinese animation industry development outcomes. Meanwhile, Yang Wenyan is an assessment of the cultural industry development funds of Ministry of Culture of China.The Chinese animation researcher at Beijing Film Academy. The professor of Animation School Beijing Film Academy. Full brand operations experts of Chinese senior animation field. She has 24 years of management experience and successful practices with animation venture capital, media operations, anime convention, authorized agents, real estate and international cooperation theme.


Manuel Almela

Animator Manuel Almela from ASIFA Hollywood has given life to many different film characters in his career, most of which faithfully spent at DreamWorks Animation.Almela began working as a professional animator back in Spain mostly for TV, on titles like “The Jetsons”, “The Smurfs”. After that he flew to London to join Steven Spielberg’s studio.When Spielberg moved the whole studio to Los Angeles and renamed it Dreamworks Animation, Almela was chosen to animate the characters in “The Prince of Egypt.” He went on to work for DWA on major animated films including “Spirit”, “The Road to El Dorado”, “Shrek”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “Puss in Boots”, “Rise of the Guardians”, “The Croods” and many others.He collaborated with Sony Imageworks on the feature “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2″.He also worked as Animation Director at Secret Plan Studios.


Youngdoo Yoon

Department of Design, Art & Culture College, Kangwon Nat’l Univ.

2002-Present      Kangwon National University(Korea)   Professor, Design Department.

2010-Present      KNU Digital Media Center     Chief.

2010-Present      KNU BR Media Corporation  Representative.

2013~Present     Pucheon International Student Animation Festival (PISAF) Vice Chairman.

2012~Present     The Korea Contents Association    Vice President, Deputy Editor.



Discovered and executive-produced Cirque du Soleil’s first tour out of Canada,introducing it to world audience.Theatre,musical,opera producer/director,New York.Wrote and produced dramatic special and medical documentaries for public television.Screenwriter,animation and live action films;story consultant,US and international film companies.Developed writing programs for institutions internationally,including Hollywood film studios;seminal courses in writing for animation and narrative film,exploration of consciousness,work with the unconscious via dreams and self-hypnosis for creative self-discovery.Presenter and jury member at international film festivals.


Gerben Schermer

Gerben Schermer (Netherlands, 1959) started the Holland Animation Film Festival together with animation filmmaker Gerrit van Dijk in 1985.Schermer has held positions as a member of the board for the international organisations ASIFA and CARTOON, and the Dutch organisations Holland Animation Association and House of Shorts. He was a founding member of the Netherlands Institute for Animated Films and served as a consultant for the Netherlands Film Fund. Gerben Schermer composed guest programmes for numerous festivals around the world, for instance a profound overview of animated documentaries for the well-known International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam in 2007 and Fantoche (Switzerland) in 2011 and served as a jury member for renowned film festivals.


Fu Jiao

The Deputy General Manager of Telecom Press New Media Division, director of contentAi Shang Man. In 2010, co-foundedAi Shang Chinese original comic all media publishing platform, has overall responsibility for the content of the work platform. Founded Ai Shang Manmagazine, planning and publishing hundreds of comic books and comic picture book. She was selected by GAPP 2012 "driving force" Chinese original animation talent publishing support programs to support the project. Ai Shang Man won the “2012-2013 marketing year" award of Chinese original animation all media publishing platform.


Matrix(Wang Tao)

Ju Zhen, autonym Wang Tao, was born in 1983, graduated from the XiAn Art Academy. The production include "THE BEGINNING","Borderline", "MEGABABE", "SUPERGIRL" and etc. American network adult comics in 2006. In 2007, he produced comic "Borderline" in Canada. In 2008, American publishing house color comic image "LILLUM" (full 5).In 2009, he participated in the production of Columbia Pictures' Subway Cry "propaganda animation. In the same year, he joined “France Sun Press”to produce the French comic creation "doomsday after." In 2010, he published his book "Fast and Furious. CG creator of beauty racing MATRIX". In 2010, he joined “Grey of France”and published the French comic "KONUNGAR" # 1,  published "KONUNGAR" # 2 and #3 in 2012 and 2013. In 2013, he joined Disney for drawing "War of HEROS" superhero series cards.


Ye ShunFa

Cartoonist. Taiwan Hongguang animation, P.C GAME production, presenter of TNT radio "comic book club", secretary general of Chinese cartoon art promotion association. Chairman and standing director of Chinese cartoonist association. Director of the art creative of Taiwan Leimoli animation studio, instructor of children painting of tsann kuen hercynian culture group, instructor of Fage children's creative painting class. Lecturer of children's creative painting class in Xiamen Yihai institution. His works won numerous awards.


Nicolas Grivel

Mr. Nicholas Grenada Nashville has served as editor of the world's second largest Hachette (Hachette) Publishing Group since 2003. He engaged in comics and the operational aspects of the market economywho has 15 years of experience. He has deep understanding and experience of European and American comic industry and comics market operationswho has a high reputation. Many large publishing groups have hired him as director of operations comics copyright economy and market. 

Meanwhile, the French comic art college also hired him as a comic course professors, trained many young illustrator and cartoonist. He also serves as lecturer of school of painting in Europe and the United States and other master lecture, he organized and guide students to create several comics productions that have been published in 12 countries in Europe, known as the master of comic education.


Hiroyuki OKUI

In 1994, graduated from Musashino Art University perspective, fashion design department. In the same year, hand-drawn animation "Cave" that won the accessit of fifth class E works Hiroshima Animation Festival Award. Then, he engaged in 3D animation and illustration work. After exercise in production companies for four years, he created his own image production team "digdog" in 1998. He was nominated in the Computer Animation Festival in 1999, and received special awards in the visual arts exhibition JACA in Japan. As a member of ASIFA-Japan, who served as the International film selection committee member of 11th Hiroshima Representative works have won several awards.



Member of Primary Evaluation Committee for “Cyber Sousa”

Award of 2014 7th Xiamen Internation Animation Festival


Yong Xiao

Producer. General manager of Global Digital Media Technology Research (Shenzhen) co., LTD and Shenzhen Universal Digital Film Culture co. LTD.

Mr Yong Xiao has done animation for 15 years, participated in nearly 30 animation as a production management at home and abroad. Art short film "Peach Blossom Spring " won the best vision of the 2007 Asian youth animation contest award; Animated film "submarine toy story 3 - rainbow treasure" won the outstanding animated film for the 15th Chinese Film Huamiao Award in 2013.


Jian Qin

Professor of Art Institute of Xiamen University, , tutor of multimedia research direction. From 2004 to 2010, a former guest professor of Dutch sandberg graduate school. Published a number of books: European contemporary artists series, the image of the betrayal, art, the power of replication. In 2005, "information technology application: art theory teaching practice innovation" awarded the first prize for teaching achievement prizes at the Fujian province issued by the education department of Fujian province.


Zhen Yang

Director of Chinese film group animation branch.

During 2012-2013 ,participated in  animated film "adventures in the amusement park of Didi Bangbang general mobilization" as an executive director. In 2014, he participate in animation film "Magic people Xiaole Ma" as an executive director, made the movie "a little magic fairy " as a  CG light guide,and  "big head son and small head dad " as a CG art director, as art director in Beijing planetarium omnivision  film" UFO ".


Wei Wang

A member of the China artists association, a member of Chinese comic books research association, a member of China animation association. Art consultants, art director for < < fantasy art > > magazine cartoon. Was awarded the Swedish international creation and research university, a bachelor''s degree in southern Sweden private academy of fine arts. Now is the professor at Peking University school of software and microelectronics digital art, He won the 16th and 17th session of the Chinese TV Golden eagle Award "Excellence Animation "; Won the 6th national children''s television program "Golden child award"


Black-back(Yuanying Zhang)

In 29th June 2007 serialize on the Internet "black-back private diary" (has assembled into" curtilage male curtilage female private life "), "black-backed cartoon series" has been eight series. In nearly a year, black-backed FANS "black rice" is growing up. More than ten million network reprint, over billions of page views have witnessed the rapid growth of black-back. "In 2009 won the" Chinese cartoon characters".


Duomaomao(Shuyan Wang)

The current excutive chief editor of “ random friends”. Served as a jury for  the 9th, 10th Jinlong award. Delegate works "Good season", NOCA & bibi “rocky garden ", Xulei “day feather rubik''s cube”, ANBOR works “ biographies of thousand nameplates”,etc.,She controls the whole "friends cartoon book series high-quality goods as a executive editor.


Jia Luo

Vice general manager of JiLinYushuo anime game science and technology co., LTD in 2009.,He founded Chinese professional animation web portal” Animation domain network”, services many large Chinese animation companies. Since October 2011, as a vice general manager in Elite film media entertainment ,promote women doll brand "Ye Luoli", the first season has been broadcasted in more than 20 television cartoons, product sale is more than 2 million yuan in 2013.


Tianjun Huang


Multivariate arts workers, is engaged in the illustrations, animation, columnist, dramas and movies, etc. President of Macao cartoon practitioners association. China golden dragon award jury. “Star Wars encyclopedia” was published in 2005 first, the content contain personal illustration about the "Star Wars" album in addition to the collection of items. He is often invited by local and overseas areas to show his works. in 2011 the famous series of "I love macau" won the 2011 most popular animation works issued by Chinese cartoon industry BBS. To be a lecturer for the Hong Kong comic workshop from 2012.


Jinman Kim

B01 studio Director

Kim Jin-Man studied sculpture and visual communication design and graduated from the Graduate School of Advanced Imaging Science, Multimedia & Film, Chung-Ang University. Currently, he is producing stop-motion animation using various objects at B01 Studio. <Bologee Story>(2003), <The Substance of Earth>(2007), <Indra''s Net>(2009) and <Noodle Fish>(2012) are listed in his filmography. <Noodle Fish> won the awards from various film festivals all over the world. 


Oshima Akihiro

President of Japan-china CG Cultural Exchange Association

Former chairman of The JCs company, scholar, entrepreneurs.

Organize China, Japan and South Korea CG cultural exchange activities for many times.Promote the fusion and creation of Asia digital culture by the latest academic, technical and artistic communication. Published Yejingzuo and a series of excellent Japanese CG work books,promote the study of "digital Chinese painting". Make a speech at Tokyo University, Beijing University, tsinghua University ,South Korea Hanyang University and other colleges and universities .



Sean Macdonald

Associate professor at the university of Florida 

Research content: Cartoon in China: countries, ideology, media

Research direction: media''s historic: cartoons and contemporary history, animation and media abstractness, cartoon characters: postmodernism figurines, etc.He has published many academic article in domestic and international academic conferences.                          


Stephen Richard SackSteve Sack

Steve Sack has been the editorial cartoonist for the Minneapolis StarTribune newspaper since 1981, where he has produced over 6,900 published cartoons. The St. Paul, Minnesota native was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for cartooning in 2013, and was a finalist for the Pulitzer in 2004. The Pulitzer Board said Sack stood apart because of his "vivid, distinctive cartoons that used creative metaphors for high-impact results." Sack is a member of the Association of American Editorial Cartoonists. He’s won numerous national honors for his work, including a Sigma Delta Chi Award (2003), National Headliner Award (2003), Scripps-National Journalism Award (2004) and the Berryman Award from the National Press Foundation (2006.)




Professional group

Tomoharu Katsumata


Tomoharu Katsumata was born in Shizuoka Ken (Prefecture),Japan in 1938. As a film director,he is reputable for a variety of animation works. Mr. Katsumata joined TOEL ANIMATION studio in 1960. He worked as the animated TV series director of TOEL ANIMATION studio from 1970s to 1980s, during which he adapted many comics to animated TV series, including Devilman (1972), Mazinger Z (1972), Cutie Honey (1973), Great Mazinger (1974), UFO Robo Grendizer (1975) and Gailking (1976) (Both Grendizer and Gaiking later became part of Force Five package of Jim Terry, a U.S. television program).

Mr. Katsumata graduated from the Film School of Nippon University and began working in the Kyoto division of Toei Company in 1960.He became an assistant director to Masahiro Makino, Eiichi Kudo and Tomolaka Tasaka on samurai dramas the same year. A few years later, Mr. Katsumata was transferred to Toei Doga (Teoi Animation) in Tokyo, working as a director on some of Toei’s early television series, including Ken the Wolf Boy (1963), The Original Cyborg 009 anime (1968) and Tiger Marks (1970).

The most well-known among Mr. Katsumata’s other credits for Toei as a director include the TV series Captain Future (1978), Fist of the North Star (1983) and Saint Seiya (1986), and the feature films Mazinger Z vs. Devilman (1973), The Little Mermaid (Anderusen Douwa: Ningyo Hime, 1975) and Arcadia of My Youth (1982).



Luke Allen Davis


Producer, director and consultant, Luke Allen is the Owner of Nutmeat Studios and a co-founder of Beardsmoke Productions.

An expert in the design and production of US standard 2D Flash Animation, Mr. Luke’s creation mission is to offer international quality animation to the Chinese market. Mr. Luke is a sought-after production expert who has worked as an Art Director, Producer and Animation Consultant for Disney and have been featured in Digital Arts international design magazine and multiple Chinese printed media. Before choosing to come to china, Luke taught animation courses to the artists of the well-known US studio Rocketfish. Mr. Luck has directed and animated many high profile international projects such as BBC TV series Pedro And Frankensheep, AARDMAN TV series Creature Comforts: Series 2, DISNEY’s TV Series Kung Fu Dragon, SKITTLE’s UK commercial campaign Go Skittle Yourself.



Park Jae Mo

South Korea

Park Jae Mo   South Korea

(January 13, 1966)Professor of Animation Department in Hoseo University

Education & Career

2001-2002  Lecturer of animation class of Hongik University

2003-2009  Director of Intervice Co., Ltd.

1999-2008  Film Director and CEO of A.I.M Production

2005-2010  Director of Narin Creative

2008-2009  Production Director of an advertising agency, Salad.

2000-2010  Head of Hoseo University Animation Research Institute

2000-Present  Professor of Animation Department of Hoseo University

2009-Present  Board member of ADIFA Korea


2006: Short Animation “Love Station” approved by Korea Culture & Content Agency

2005: Short Animation “Mark” invited for special screening-Teheran, Taiwan Animation Festival

2004: Short Animation “Mark” awarded “Excellent Short Animation”-TBS Broadcasting Station Digicon 6, Japan

2002: Short Animation “Recycling” awarded by Ministry of Culture & Tourism - Korea Animation Film competition/awarded by Chuncheon City mayor - Chuncheon Anitown Festival/awarded for excellence - Dong-Ah, LG Animation Festival

2001: “Forbidden Fruit Exhibition” - Sungkok Art Museum

2000: Samsung Electronics IMT - 2000 Digital Offer Exhibition P.T Animation Production

1999: Short Animation series, Halloween Boys.



Zhang Fugui


Zhang Fugui

Managing director of Beijing Quanxi Dongfang PC Cartoon Design Co.,Ltd.,

Main Work Experiences:

1975-1978  Cinematography department of Beijing Film Academy

1978-1989  Animation Division of Beijing Scientific & Educational Film Studio

1989-1992,  Shenzhen Pacific Animation Co., Ltd.

1998-Present  Beijing Quanxi Dongfang PC Cartoon Design CO., Ltd.

Professional Experiences (including awards):

10 years of animation shooting experience in Beijing Scientific & Educational Film Studio

Working for 5 years in Shenzhen Pacific Animation Co., Ltd.(a wholly American-owned enterprise) as the head of Design Department

Working for 7 years with Nanjing Anli Animation Co., Ltd. (a wholly Hong Kong-owned enterprise) as the head of Production Department

Working for 8 years in Beijing Quanxi Dongfang PC Cartoon Design CO., Ltd. as the general manager and production supervisor

Produced or involved in the production of numerous domestic animated fine art films, animated science and education films, animated TV series; also produced many animated series and animated films for European countries, the United States, Japan and Korea when working with foreign-owned enterprises


Zhou Xiaodi


Zhou Xiaodi

Senior Animation expert, watercolor artist; senior animation competition judge; ASIFA (Association International du Film d’ Animation/International Animated Film Association) member.

4-year fine art teaching experience in college; 12-year experience in animation design and R&D; 10-year experience in thematic park planning and project R&D. Mr. Zhou’s watercolor painting “Forgotten Breakfast” claimed many domestic and foreign awards and was invited to a variety of animation festivals.

Main animated films involved Mr. Zhou in designing and management from 1988 to 1994 include Blue Mouse (Australia,26 episodes), Pyramid (France,52 episodes), Eskimos (France, 26 episodes), Hammer People (U.S., 26 episodes, U.S. Annual 3rd audience rating production), Two Dragons (12 episodes), Columbus (Japan), Galileo (Japan,26 episodes), etc.

From 1997 to present, Mr. Zhou has directly involved in the designing and R&D of most high-tech tourism projects of Huaqiang thematic park. He designed, researched, developed and directed the first 4D panorama films like Deep Ocean Adventure, Space Travel etc., which were exported to 10-plus developed countries in Europe and the United States, helping Huaqiang to take the first step of cultural export.

In 2008, Mr. Zhou established Shenzhen Huaqiang Digital Animation Co., Ltd. and directed his first animated film Sea Snail Bay, which was awarded The Excellent Animated Film award by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television flow which runs ten times faster than traditional animation and is more advanced than non-paper animation. The database animation flow is the most advanced and the fastest animation production flow across the world and hence was highly attended and praised by state leaders. In 2010, the annual output of Shenzhen Huaqiang Digital Animation achieved over 10,000 minutes, securing its unquestionable position of China’s largest animation producer.


Lei Zhenyu


Lei Zhenyu

Director of China Film Group Corporation

General Manager of Beijing Film & Animation Production Branch of China Film Group Digital Film Production Base, Ltd.

Animations produced by the company include:

Animated films: Yangtze River on the 7th Love Earth, Green Forest Story (in production), ect.

Animated TV series: Didi Bangbang Story






Mr. Zhang graduated from Jilin Animation Institute (formally known as Jilin College of the Art Animation School). He participated in the production of many domestic and foreign animations when he worked in the Animation Subsidiary of Changchun Film Studio and Dandelion Film & Animation Co., Ltd., including Stories behind Chinese Phrases (Chinese), Martin’s Morning (foreign & processed), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (foreign & processed), etc. Mr. Zhang established the first animation company of Heilongjiang Province in Harbin and took the post of vice general manager .He later worked as an animation lecturer in Jilin College of the Art Animation School. Now Mr. Zhang is the head of Teaching and Research Section of Beijing New Media Technician College.

Mr. Zhang’s animated short film Too High to Reach claimed the gold award of the 1st China Animation Achievement Award, and his To Appreciate This Way won the nomination of the 1st China Animation Achievement Award.

While working in the Beijing, Mr. Zhang participate in the preparation and writing process of the book Animation Drawer (the state professional standard) and five supporting training course books. He also worked with other members to establish a test database for the state professional qualification examination of “animation drawer”. In addition, he is also involved in a state research project about the training pattern and course design for potential animation technicians. He also worked with other experts to set forth standards for the state animation public training base. He is the chief editor of the textbooks Animation Skill and Original Art Design, which are included in the textbook series for animation major student in junior college and higher vocational and technical education institutes.

In 2008, Mr. Zhang was a guest judge of the Primary Evaluation Committee for Changzhou International Animation Festival.



Application Group


Iku Ishiguro


Well-known animator, educator.

Iku Ishiguro is a master animation producer recognized by Japan animation industry and an internationally active animation educator.

Mr. Iku Ishiguro established Dougakoubou in 1973. After that, he cooperated with some reputable animation producers like TOEI ANIMATION and Studio Ghibli and launched many great animation works. In 1975, Mr. Iku Ishiguro participated in the production of Smart Ikkyu San, in which he designed characters. In 1979, Mr. Iku Ishiguro worked as an original artist for Taro The Dragon Boy for ANIMATION. In 1987, he worked as an original artist for Grave of the Fireflies directed by Isao Takahata.



Ann Xiao


Ann Xiao

Ann’s Chinese name is Xiao Yanfei. She comes from Beijing. Ann currently resides in London and is an animation director, producer and carton writer. After she graduated from University of the Arts London in 2004, Ann directed a variety of animated short films, commercials, Music Videos and animation installations. Her clients included MTV, Channel 4, Toyota, Tiger Beer, COI, etc. Having learnt architecture before, Ann infused architectural inspiration into her work with was described as “where the architectural space encounters surreal dream”. Ann also illustrated and designed for brands. Aside from that, she published cartoon stories, planned for exhibitions and Iectured. In 2007, she established CDR-Chinese Designer’s Region (a designer association for Chinese in UK) with others. She joined Great Guns as an animation producer in 2009. In 2010, Ann established her own company Wide Open Space to do animation, illustrations and exhibition planning.



Wang Qiang


Wang Qiang

Chief editor of Zhongheng Animation (an original animation platform); founder of the original cartoon brand TOOYE

Chinese Innovative and Outstanding University Students’ Alliance; chairman of Animation Special Committee; guest judge of China Animation Top List

2009-2011, web guest judge of “Annual China joy COSPLAY” and guest judge of DV contest

2009, guest judge of “Pojaa Annual Creative Commercial Design Contest for Chinese College Students”

May, 2010, individual cartoon exhibition in Val de Loire area, France

2011, art director for web film True Love 2010

2011, guest of xi’ an Qujiang Animation Cultural Festival, guest judge for WCS and AGG-COSPLAY Invitation


2005: First prize of Animation in Beijing Competition Zone, National Art Charity Performance Contest. Work: Story of Foolish Fish

2005: Excellent Work Award of Cartoon Publicity Group Themed “New Beijing, New Olympics” (hosted by Beijing Committee of Communist Youth League of China).

Work: Civilized Olympics Poster

2006: First prize of WACOM Non-paper Illustration Contest

2006: Silver prize of Animation Group of Youth Electronic Technology Contest (hosted by Qmoon Radio, organized by Beijing committee of Communist Youth League of China)

2006: 2D Shortlisted Animation Prize of China Digital Art Online Creation Exhibition China Contest

2007: Excellent Work Award of Animation Contest, Anhui International Animation trade Exhibition

At the end of 2007: Comic King Gold Prize, “Taobao - TAOSCAR Creation Contest”

2010: Excellent Work Award, B G Talk “TriCatPizza” Image Design Contest



Huang Mingfen


Huang Mingfen

Huang Mingfen-China (Photo wanted)

Mr. Huang Mingfen was born in Fujian Province, China in 1952. He studied in Department of Chinese, Xiamen University from February 1978 to December 1984 and got B.A. and M.A successively. He worked in Xiamen University after graduation. He was deputy dean and later dean of Department of Chinese, Xiamen University ,deputy chairman of Research Institute of Chinese Language and Literature, vice president of College of Humanities of Xiamen University, visiting researcher of Leiden University (Netherlands).Mr. Huang Mingfen is currently a professor in Department of Chinese, College of Humanities of Xiamen University, doctoral supervisor, chairman of Research Institute of Chinese Language and Literature, and president of Overseas Education College of Xiamen University.

Research Area

Specialized in teaching and research of ancient literary theory, psychology of art, science of literary and art communication, and electronic art and computer culture. He has completed 2 projects funded by the State Social Science Fund Commission and many projects supported by provincial and ministerial funds. Mr. Huang Mingfen currently leads 1 state art and science planning project,1 project funded by The State Office for Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language (SOTCFL) and 1 art and science project funded the Ministry of Education, P.R.C.

Academic Achievement

Works published by Mr. Huang Mingfen successively include: An Analysis of Sushi’s Idea of Psychology of Art, Psychology of Art Communication, An Analysis of Art Communication, Needs Theory and Art Criticism, Needs Theory and Art Creation, Xiamen coast Defense Culture, Communication Psychology, Dissemination of Chinese Classical Literature in English-speaking Countries, Computer Art, When Byte Encounters Muse: Web vs. Art, Persuasion Communication in Ancient China, Hypertext Poetics, Digital Drama: Research on Film, Electronic Game and intelligence Puppetry, Needs Theory and Its Application, Digital Art, Electronic Art (textbook), etc.






College lecturer. Meilin graduated from the College of Art and Design of Wuhan University of Technology. M. A. in design art. Research field: animation design an its theory.

Meilin currently works as a lecturer in Huaqiao University. Animation Lecturer, head of animation teaching and research section, state level 1/senior animation technician, advisor of Huaqiao University Animation Club, ASIFA-China member, director of Hubei Province Animation Association.

Meilin’s personal works and theses have been awarded gold prize and other awards in many state, provincial and municipal competitions and were published in core journals and several academic journals. She is the deputy chief editor of State Professional Qualification Examination Textbook for Art Design (Animation). Now she is doing research projects funded by the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China and the Fund of Huaqiao University.

She helped members of Huaqiao University Animation Club prepare for Xiamen International Animation Festival COSPLAY Elite Invitation, and works of the Club were awarded “Best Visual Effect Award”; Gold prize of Xiamen Shuxiang Ludao Activity Month 5th “Dancing Autumn” COSPLAY Invitation.


Member of Final Evaluation Committee for “Cyber Sousa” Award of 201(4th)

Xiamen International Animation Festival

Animation Group

Nelson K. Shin


South Korea

 Nelson K. Shin

2010 to present, president of ASIFA (Association International du Film d’ Animation/International Animated Film Association);Korean BAEK-SEOK University animation professor; president of Korean Animation Artists Association; Professor of Animation, Graduate School of HONG-IK University; president of the Organizing Committee of SICAF Festival; chairman & CEO of KOAA Film Seoul, Inc.; member of the Organizing Committee and judge of PISAF Festival-Korea; Editor-in-Chief ANIMATOON (animation magazine); 1985 to present, president & CEO of AKOM Production LTD.

[Main Works]

1999  Autobiography Animation & Me (300 pages)

2006  Nelson K. Shin’s Animation Encyclopedia (1,000 pages)

2002  Nelson Shin’s Dictionary for Animation Terms (520 pages)



Gao Weihua


Gao Weihua

Associate professor, dean of the Animation Department & postgraduate supervisor, School of Animation, Communication University of China; secretary general, China (Beijing) International College Student Animation Festival; Asian Chief Representative of U.S. ACM SIGGRAPH Education Committee. Ms. Gao Mainly engages in research in animation communication and industry patterns.

[Main Works]

“Research about 2006 - 2007 China Animation Industry Development” (completed)

“1993 - 2006 China Original Animation Industry Report”

“Circulation & Impact of Japanese Animation in Asian” research project

Planner and producer of 2008 Beijing Olympics animated television series Fuwa: The Five Rings



Shao Jianming


Shao Jianming

[Work Experiences]

1998 - 2007,Director, Animation Department of CCTV Youth Centre; currently director of CCTV ANIMATION INC.

His main works include: animated series Chinese Traditional Virtue (39 episodes, director); animated series Moon Street (26 episodes, director); animated series Aben Cat (26 episodes, director); animated series Tang Poetry Story (26 episodes, planner & director); animated series China Diligent Learner Story (83 episodes, project leader, planner & director); animated series Mengmeng’s Sunny Day (52 episodes, planner & director); CCTV 4th animated production Handsome Monkey King (director).

Chinese Traditional Virtue Won Excellent Animation Series, The 15th China TV Golden Eagle Award and 3rd Prize of Animation Program, The 4h National TV “Golden Boy Award”. Aben Cat won 1st Prize of Animation Program, The 5th National TV “Golden Boy Award”. Handsome Monkey King won 6th China International Cartoon & Animation Festival (CICAF) “Handsome Monkey Award”.

Published Research on Animation Creations in Chinese Ink and Water Colors, Taking about Artistic Creation & Technical Requirements of Animated Series China Diligent Learner Story, Comments on Creating Young Bao Zheng Learning to Judge Cases, Inspiration in creating Tang Poetry Story, Brief Discussion about Creating Animated Literature Script, Brief Insight into Creating Animation Series Tang Poetry Story, etc. In 2008, Mr. Shao was invited by Korea Animation Association to Korea to give a special lecture on Chinese animation created in ink and water colors.



Jerry Verschoor


[Work Experiences]

January, 2011: SPIDER EYE PROD, LONDON. Storyboard artist on TV series, Horrid Henry, Jungle Junction, etc.

April, 2010 - April 2011: Lecturer of animation and storyboarding in EGGSTORY DIGITAL ARTS SCHOOL, SINGAPORE.;

November, 2008: CEO & Director at Beijing S.L.N.K. Digital Corporation, China.

August, 2009: Directing, Consulting, Creating animation and designs for 3D animation productions. Marking business directions and plans for the company. Teaching and raising the animation and design quality of the artists;

March, 2008: Freelance Visual Designer for China Heaven Creation International Performing Arts Corp. Designing and painting Background for 3D for the Peking Opera Show Forbidden love for the Olympics Games.


Curtin University of Technology, B.F.A. in Media Design

Passed 3rd level entrance examination on visual art, technical drawing and media

Won awards and nomination in a variety youth art contests



Zeng Weijing


Zeng Weijing

[Work Experiences]

Vice General Manager of Beijing KAKU Media Co., Ltd.

Executive director of China Animation Association

Vice president of China Five-Thous-Year Culture Promotion Council

Deputy director general of Olympic News Center & Beijing International News Center (during 2008 Olympics)

[Main Works]

As a highly productive, diligent and award-winning excellent director and producer, she joined Being TV Station in 1993. created and directed 16 animated series and programs, including animated series Fuwa Olympics Travel (100 episodes, civilization 30 Seconds(650 episodes,  public service advertisement), 2010 & 2012 Beijing TV station Animation Spring Festival Gala,  Animated Epic Series Chino Five-Thousand-Year, etc., and won over 40 international and domestic awards, including Best Children''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''  s Film in 1997& 2000 Asia Television Forum (ATF.  Singapore), Best Animated Film Award in The 24th China TV Golden Eagle Award. 2009 The 11th Spirit Culture Construction “Five One Project” Award, Best Creativity Award of 2011 Seoul International Cartoon & Animation Festival (SICAF), etc.


In 2001, honored "Being Excellent Young Intellect" by Beijing Municipal People''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s Government; in 2003, Annual “Top 10 Promising New Animation Directors” Award; in 2008, “Being Olympics & Paralympics Prominent Individual” Award granted by the State Council. Ms. Zeng is a top expert and claims good reputation within the industry.



Dr. Rolf Giesen


Dr. Rolf Giesen

[Work Experiences]

Curator of German Film Museum

He produced many special effects and animation works in German Film Center located in Bern including Ray Harryhausen’s stop motion animation memorabilia, published over 40 film-themed articles (animation included). and organized several exhibitions that over the past years had attracted more than 2 million visitors.

[Main Works] 

He has been active in the film production field ever since 1984 and participated in a variety of animation productions as a consultant, storyboarding manager and author, including “Asterix and the Big Fight" (1989). "The Magic Forest" (1998), “Laura’s Star" (2004), "Little Polar Bear 2 :The Mysterious Island'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (2005). “Little Dodo" (2008), "Laura’s Star 2" (2009)  as well as TV Series ("The Neverending Story") and DVD specials.



Mark Byers


Mark Byers

[Work Experiences]

As a CEO, producer and writer, Mark has committed himself to establishing international cooperation relationships with partners from Mainland China., Hong Kong, Korea and India in finance and production.

[Main Works]

He produced and directed several independent animated feature films, wrote 28 screenplays, and screenplayed and produced many TV programs and specials. 

Mark Byers became famous in the Asian joint production circle with Skin Scraping which had received as much censure as praise, Dragon Squad (a Hong Kong action movie) and later a series of international live action and animated film.

Mark has paid close attention to Asian animation for a long time.  He especially focused on Chinese animation, having participated in the production of animated films and animated TV series and new media and cooperated with John woo, Jeff Lau and Stephen King in the production of a number of animation projects. 

Mark worked with Asian and North American international publishing houses as a consultant, promoting and accelerating the development of many new cooperation projects and cooperative relationships. Mark specializes in graphic novel, original story, cooperative publication, copyright management of adaptation of animation and live action films.



Mobile Animation & Cartoon Group


Li Nanguo

South Korea

Li Nanguo

[Work Experiences]

March, 2008 to present: supervisor of Animation Department, Game Design School Kongju National University (South Korea)

November, 2006 to present: guest professor of Animation, Design School, Jiangnan University (China) 

September 2009 to present: supervisor of Animation Department of Video &Animation, Keimyung University (South Korea) 

March, 2008 to present: Paid adjunct professor of Animation, Digital Content Design Department, Ulsan National Institute of Science & Technology

2002-2008: Animation paid adjunct professor (prioritized) of Multimedia Design School, Hongik University

He acted as director of Korean Animation Artists Association, vice president of ASIFA-Korea,  director of Korean Animation Association and senior consultant of Korea Content Association.


[Former Positions]

He worked in multiple animation studios in North America and acted as director, animator, scene designer and fair copy maker in Disney, Warner, Hanna-Barbera, Ruby-Spears, Nelvana Animation, Phoenix, etc.

[Main Works]

He translated Super Cartoon Technology Cartoon Technology and Visual Screenplay and wrote Animation Encyclopedia, Animation Textbook Series and theses such as Animation Design Theory, Animation Movement Theory, Animation Action Theory and Animation Timing Theory.








Nie Jun


Nie Jun

[Work Experiences]

Visiting researcher of Story & Animation Department, Kyoto Seika University, Japan Cartoon Guest Professor of Animation Department, Being Film Academy Director of Cartoon Branch, China Association of Oriental Culture Studies

Member (5 in total) of Fuwa Mascots Design Team, the Organizing Committee of Olympic Games of China

Member of Pre-planning Team for 2008 Olympics Opening Ceremony & Paralympics Closing Ceremony

Judge of "Handsome Monkey King" Awards, 5th Hangzhou International Animation & Cartoon Festival

Float General Designer, 2010 Hangzhou International Animation & Cartoon Festival Founder of Being Zobo Culture Communication Co., Ltd. & Hangzhou Ne Jun Studio

[Main Works]

2001: Diudiu Man, China Theater Press

2002: Don''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''t Wanna Grow Up, Co-author with writer Pi Pi, China Nanhai Press

2006: Magic Mountain, Co-author with playwrights Shi Hang & Liao Yimei, China Jieli Press

2006: My Street. Diu Diu, etc. Xiao Pan Press (France), 001manhua Press (Italy)

2006: Looking for the Sea & Looking for Bresson, Jiangsu Fine Arts Press(China) 

2007: illustrated for Savage Growth (Author: Feng Lun), Zhongxin Press

2008: Diu Diu Man, Chongqing Publishing Group

2008: Future Sugar, Hong Kong Modern Art Museum ‘INSTANT COMIX'''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' Project

2008, My Street, Comic Culture

2009, Sakura Boy, authorizing Parker Press (France)


Platinum Award, AGFA World Youth Graphic Design Competition, awarded by Belgium AGFA Headquarter

2002: My Street won Best Full-Length Comic Award china Association of Oriental Culture Studies, Cartoon Branch, awarded by Being Animation & Cartoon Conference; 

2003: Electric Car, Manga Open Good Morning magazine of Kodansha, awarded by Kodansha 2007: Looking for the Sea, Gold Dragon Nomination, Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces Book Design Award

2008: Fish, Best Adult Comic Prize, "Gold Dragon" Award

2009: Original Animation & Cartoon Supporting Plan Money Award, Ministry of Culture, P.R.C



 Yao Feila


 Yao Feila

  [Work Experiences]

  Senor animator, one of the mainland pioneers of story animation.

  His representative serialized work The Dreaming Girl was adapted by CCTV as animated series; his 80 was awarded Best Serialized Comic Award by China Association of Oriental Culture Studies, Comic Branch, and thus became the 1st domestic original comic giving foreign authorization.

  He was involved in the pre-planning and creation of series of excellent comics, e.g.Flowery Girl City Lifeseries, Wealth Elite series, Alibaba E-commerce Comics”.

  He was honored 2007 Annual Beijing Top 10 Creative People & 2007 Annual Beijing Top Design Young People and listed into the 1st Animation & Cartoon Committee of China Artists Association in April 2008 with approval of China Artists Association.




Sekhar Mukherjee


 Sekhar Mukherjee

  [Work Experiences]

  Animated film designer, coordinator

  Lecturer of communication design

  Chairman of NID Film Club

  Head director of Chitrakatha, an International Student Animation Festival

  Chairman of Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion

  After he graduated as a business and trade major student in 1989, Mukherjee did boring accounting work for a few months and resigned to be a cartoonist and illustrator of Economic Times in Calcutta.

  He left Economic Times in 1992 and completed a 2-and-a-half-year M.A. program of Animation & Film Design in National Institute of Design (NID) (India)

  He worked as an illustrator, cartoonist, scenarist, animator, lecturer, etc. from 1995 to 2002.

  He joined Back Alma Mater and lectured on animated film design in 2002. He likes to share common ideas with peers after NID hours.

  123 Animation: an interdisciplinary journal under Sage Software (U.K.)


  2009: Best Animation Teacher Award jointly awarded by Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) under NBC and Aptech (training company headquartered in India) for outstanding contribution to the cause of animation education in India.




Jiang jianqiu


Lao Jiang (Jiang Jianqiu)

He graduated from Affiliate Middle School of Central Academy of Fine Arts and Central Academy of Fine Arts

[Main Work]

Arts Exhibition:

August, 2001: Beijing Cangku New Media Art Festival

July, 2002: Long March: Visual Display on the Road

April, 2005: Game of Low & Shallow: Rising of Animation Generation

August, 2005: Art by those born in “1970s”: Generation after China Transformed by Market Economy”

September, 2005: Plato and His Seven Spirits

January, 2006: Bad Kid’s Sky

September, 2007: Entrance/Exit

December, 2007: The Wall

March, 2008: One Hour

March, 2008: Creative China