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 2014 [The 7th] Xiamen International Animation Festival Animation Pulpit

According to the order of lecture




Wong Shizhong




As the vice president of Innovation Works strategic development, Wong Shizhong, Wong Shizhong graduated from computer software department of Beihang University. He worked at CPAA as the CEO of ticketing company before joining the innovation works. Also, he worked at Microsoft, IBM, Ctrip, China Netcom, and other well-known companies in China and abroad, meanwhile, he had accumulated rich experience of enterprise management in IT, the Internet industry. He is the first Chinese citizen to product manager of Microsoft Window

He was the first Chinese product manager of Microsoft Windows, and also the first market vice President and general manager in North China of Ctrip. He is one of the earliest management team members of Ctrip.






Former Editor-in-chief of futabasha(the famous Japanese publish house ) who made Crayon Shin-chan and Lupin III, meanwhile, he has rich cartoon edit skills and experience, familiar with Japanese cartoon market development present situation. He was vice editor of WEEKLY JOURE, WEEKLY ANIMATION Aaction, the editor of ACTION ZERO.




Zhong Mengshun



The famous cartoonist, Zhong Mengshun is director of Taiwan Comic Industry Association, counselor of LCCNET,and also the associate professor of Hsuan Chuang University, the editor of website and Comic manual for Hao Longbing’s Taipei mayoral election. He is the chief editor of DeAgostiini. As Endorsement demonstration of Taiwan PHOTOSHOP 7.  TV costume design, design for TTV’s "Thorn Horse" movie posters, designed for Long Shong Television company’s "place of overlord", as Andy Lau album "Beauties" MV’s painter, etc. he is good at CG production, realistic is the style of his works, picture’re full of masculinity which has published forty volumes.




Ding Zhenghong



Director of Taiwan Comic Industry Association. He joined in Sina when Weibo.com was started in the very beginning in a very legendary way. He was responsible for China-foreign cooperation of Weibo.com, Weibo.com platform operation, activity planning of Weibo master, the Government Weibo.com service, etc. Comprehensive know weibo operation issues and deep understanding of social media operation mechanism. He has rich experience of Weibo.com public opinion. He worked for the ministry of commerce, other countries and hundreds of government agencies, including Beijing and Shanghai.




Xu Ke



Chairman of Shanghai Hippo Animation Design co., LTD., Xu Ke is one of the fellows selected of the eighth batch of national "one thousand project" (overseas high-level talents introduction plan), the second batch of Shanghai "one thousand plan", the first batch of "one hundred project" in Pudong District, Shanghai. He awarded the "four of a batch of" national propaganda culture system in 2011 by the central propaganda department. In the same year, he was the council for the promotion of Chinese culture in shanxi employ for special advisers. Shanghai Animation Industry Association was founded in 2012, and he was elected to the association''''''''''''''''s first vice President. He was appointed as professor of Shanghai Film Art Academy, and Shanghai venture capital consultant in 2013.






Michael Coldewey









2014-2015    Animation and VFX services for Joss Whedon’s AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, produced by Marvel Studios, distribution by Walt Disney Studios.

2013         Design, Animation and VFX services for Shane Black’s IRON MAN 3,  produced by Marvel Studios, distributed by Walt Disney Studios.

2012-2014    Animation and VFX services for the TV series WOLFBLOOD (39 episodes), produced by BBC, Great Britain.

2012         Animation and VFX services for Joss Whedon’s THE AVENGERS, produced by Marvel Studios.

2011         Computer Animation and VFX for Marvel’s Joe Johnston’s feature CAPTAIN AMERICA: THE FIRST AVENGER, produced by Paramount Pictures.

2011 Animation and VFX services for Matthew Vaughn’s X-MEN – FIRST CLASS,  produced by 20th Century Fox, USA.

2009         Executive Producer of life action feature film LILLY THE WITCH – THE

DRAGON AND THE MAGIC BOOK. Distributed and branded by The Walt Disney Studios Motion Picture Germany company.

2008         Bavarian TV Award for extra ordinary work for the TV industry for the animated character Oki in THE SECRET OF LOCHNESS. German TV Award for best Visual Effects in THE SECRET OF LOCHNESS. 




Ken Tsumura



Currently producing for Next Media Animation, Ken Tsumura has worked on projects for DreamWorks Animation, Disney, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Gracie Films, Mainframe, and Electronic Arts. He was a graduate of the University of Southern California in both Cinema/Television and East Asian Languages and Cultures.

Tsumura is credited as Producer/Executive Producer/Co-Producer on many theatrical and television productions such as Disney’s Planes (2013), Astro Boy (2009), Curious George (2006), and the long running, Emmy Award winning The Simpsons. He was recognized with the Video Premiere Award for Best Animated Video Premiere in 2001 as Producer on the production Joseph: King of Dreams.




Yao Mengchao



CEO of Taiwan dyeing animation co., LTD. He was the cartoonist of Chingwin Publishing Group, acer game development animator, animators and animation director of Jiawu creative company, Rentian Road Animation Studio’s project managers,

Resume: First Prize of Disney clothing design competition, the book of zhuang zi said the High quality digital content product award in Taiwan, the original flavor of knowledge acquisition won the award of digital content products in Taiwan, the series animation of JU XIAOMEI received numerous awards. 




Geng Xiaohua



Geng Xiaohua graduated from Industrial Automation Major of Hu’nan university for undergraduate course. In Journalism and Communications of Tsinghua university, he acquired the master''''''''''''''''s degree. And also is the current China''''''''''''''''s first movie and TV portal as the vice President of operations.

In October 2009, he joined in Qihoo 360 and as vice president, responsible for one-on-one remote service system construction, 360 product technology development and operations of the site navigation, 360 group-buying open platform, platform of luxury goods, 360 big electric business platform construction and operation.

Since July 2011, Mr. Xiaohua Geng joined IQIYI, and as Vice President, fully responsible for the company''''''''''''''''s content construction, quality control and strategic cooperation and other operations.








Wong Biao



Director of the Digital Publishing Institute of Chinese academy of press & publication. Wong Biao undertakes a number of national and provincial subject of scientific research in digital publishing and aniamtion game and projects. He was the General Administration of Press and Publication "prime movers" of Chinese original cartoon published support plan a review of the leadership group, deputy director of the office. The ministry of culture more ministries and commissions such as joint implementation of national animation quality engineering evaluation experts, the reading experts of Beijing Game Publications. Main results: Manga Publishing Industry Policy Research (national social science fund project) , Chinese Animation Game Publishing Industry research report, the annual report on China''''''''''''''''s digital publishing industry, etc.




Zhang Zhi



The vice-president of U17.com. Zhang Zhi joined the U17.com original comic DreamWorks. Mainly responsible for foreign market businessstrategic cooperationInvestment and copyright licensing business. He built Chinese Animation Game Industry Fund. He engaged in the internet, animation, game of equity investment, highly strategic vision before he joined U17. 




Huang Jun



As a first-class director of China, Huang Jun graduated from investment economics and the Beijing film academy graduate division of China People''''''''''''''''s University. The former Chinese Children Filmmaker Factory, the executive vice president of Chinese Children and Teenagers'''''''''''''''' Film Society, the current general manager of China Film Animation Industry.




Ricardo Arce Lopez



Animator, Illustrator and Animation Colombian researcher

Is an animator, researcher and associate professor Jorge Tadeo Lozano University, where he coordinates the animation area for graphic design and the technology for audiovisual material and Multimedia.

He is a founding member and current President of the Colombian chapter of the International Association of Animated Films, ASIFA Colombia; also a member of the Board of Directors of ASIFA International. He studied Graphic Design at the Universidad Nacional de Colombia, the Specialization in Television at the Pontificia Universidad Javeriana and the Masters in Aesthetics and Art History at the University Jorge Tadeo Lozano.

He is co author of the book The animation Colombia until the late 80s, result of a research project developed at the Graphic design Program UJTL and published by the University.




Anastasia Dimitra



Doctor of Aesthetics in Animation and Virtual Environment (MIDDLESEX UNIVERSITY, LONDON).

Member of the film  Selection committee for the Hiroshima animation Festival 2002 Member of several    jury committees for  animation Festivals.

c) Member/treasurer of the Board of Directors of ASIFA - International Animated Film Association

Member / President of AWG ASIFA - International Animated Film Association

Member of several    jury committees for  animation Festivals.

CARTOON HELLAS – Member and Treasurer. 








Zhang Xiaoan



Zhang Xiaoan is the chief business consultant who is working in AIU animated bodies. Full-time engaged in the business of animation market research, investment-use planning, product production program, professional education and training and team combinations such as ad hoc business consulting services.

1982 graduated from the Beijing Film Academy Animation Design (undergraduate), has Beijing Branch Ying, Chinese television production center, CCTV work.

1995 United States, during his tenure in the United States East Coast TIC Group chief, to extensive study of American culture and entertainment in particular industrial methods of operation and the animation industry practice.

October 2010, Xiao-An Zhang won the Outstanding Graduate Award at the China Beijing Film Academy 60th anniversary celebrations.




Zheng Hu (Compere)



Zheng Hu, deputy director of Shanghai Animation Studios . Adjunct Chinese cartoon museum experts, China''''''''''''''''s mobile Internet animation Union vice president, deputy director of the China Animation Association sounds Committee and deputy director of the China Committee of Experts on Cultural Industry Development Research Center, micro films (China) in collaboration microbalance animation director of special committees, Shanghai Digital content Industry Promotion Center, vice chairman of Shanghai creative Industry Association animation director of special committees, visiting professor at the Beijing Film Academy animation Institute, Shanghai Theatrical Institute multimedia virtual entertainment space laboratory experts, Digital Arts professor, master tutor of Shanghai University College.






Lee Zhongqiu (Compere)




Deputy secretary general of ASIFA China, Dison Animation Technlogy CO.LTD,. Zhongqiu LEE is also Animation Education Committee member. Responsible for internal and international exchange, meanwhile, he is the Representative of China''''''''''''''''s Animation Industry of China Animation Association in ASIFA.