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2018 The 11th Cyber Sousa Awards of xiamen international animation festival


NO. Animation Gold Prize
Sliver Prize
1  Best Animated Feature Film (Mainland China) 10 5
2  Best Animated Series  (Worldwide) 10 5
3  Best Animated Application (Mainland China) 5 3
4  Best Animated Short Film (Mainland China) 5 3
5 Best Student Animated Film (Mainland China) 5 3
6 The Belt and Road Innovation (Worldwide) 10 3
7  Best Animated Short Film (Oversea) 5 3
Total 100
NO. Comics Gold Prize
Sliver Prize
8 Best Drama Comic (Worldwide) 5 3
9 Best Picture Book Comic (Worldwide) 5 3
10 Best Student Cominc (Mainland China) 5 3
Total 33
NO. Special Prize Bounus
1 Outstanding Animation IP (Students) 2 5
2 Outstanding Creative Animated Application 2 5
3 Outstanding Creative Short Film 2 5
4 Outstanding Comics IP (Students) 2 5
5 Outstanding Comics Maker 2 5
Total 50

1. Best Animated Feature Film : films produced by theatres and with time length of not less than 60 minutes are solicited.
2. Animated Series Prize: animated plays in several episodes are solicited.
3. Animated Application Prize: contents solicited include animated demonstration, animated advertisement, animated MTV, and animated game beginnings that integrate various types of commercial elements, and animated teaching courseware that convey technology and scientific knowledge.
4. Short Animation Prize: animated story films (including online animation) with time length ranging between 30s and 30 minutes are solicited.
5. Student Animation Prize: works having been created by students while still at school and recommended by the schools (exclusive of social training institutes), are solicited.
6. The Belt and Road Innovation Prize: Only the animation works, which mirror The Belt and Road culture, history, humanities, society, and daily life, are solicited.

Comic Prize:
1. Drama Comic Prize: There is no limit to the form and variety of works. At least a separate chapter in the whole plots which with reasonable narrative structure.
2. Picture Book Comic Prize: Over 16 pieces pure picture books with narrative structure and creatively topic.
3. Student comic Prize: Story-telling multi-lattice cartoon works of various styles and types, which are created by students during the school year, and recommended by the schools (exclusive of social training institutes).

For 5 special prizes, will all selected by the overall rating from works which entered into final appraise. The winner representative should be in spot for prize giving ceremony, if the recipient is unable to attend, the award is deemed to be abandoned.


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