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Regulations for “Cyber Sousa” Award of 2018 Xiamen International Animation Festival

I. General Provisions
Article 1: To encourage the animation industry’s development and boost the information technology’s application in the animation industry, contest for the “Cyber Sousa” Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival will take place in Xiamen City of China. For the purpose of ensuring this contest’s transparency, fairness, and impartiality, as well as the appraisal work’s standardized and orderly running, these Regulations are hereby formulated.

II. Organizing Structure
Article 2: The organizer will work with relevant functional departments to establish the Organizing Committee of the “Cyber Sousa” Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Organizing Committee”). As per Xiamen International Animation Festival’s actual situation, the Organizing Committee is in charge of formulating such provisions as Regulations for “Cyber Sousa” Award of 2018 Xiamen International Animation Festival (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”) and Detailed Rules for Participation in the “Cyber Sousa” Award of 2018 Xiamen International Animation Festival hereinafter referred to as the “Detailed Rules for Participation”) etc., with a view to direct the contest-related work.
Article 3: the Organizing Committee will invite domestic and overseas animation experts, industrial insiders, and scholars of academic institutions to serve as judges, who will constitute the “Cyber Sousa” Award Selection Committee (hereinafter referred to as the “Selection Committee”) and the Judge Panels. Herein, the Selection Committee and the Judge Panel will respectively set up such duties as chairman and members to take charge of the appraisal work.

III. Time
Article 4: this contest is open for participation registration since the day when these Regulations are released, and the deadline for receiving participating works will be at 23:59 on September 20, 2018. From October 10 to October17, participating works will undergo the preliminary selection and initial selection, and those having entered the shortlist will undergo the final appraisal from October 26 to October 31. Prize-winning works will be announced in November 2018.

IV. Contest Categories and Prize Setting
Article 5: according to animation works’ different characteristics, this contest will consist of several categories with several prizes in each category. Please refer to the “Detailed Rules for Participation” for detailed prize setting and quota of winners.
Article 6: According to the actual situation, the Judge Panel is entitled to advise the Organizing Committee to appropriately adjust part of the prizes and quota.

V. Registration and Participation
Article 7: Qualification for Participation 
1. Participating works shall accord with Chinese laws & regulations and code of ethics, and refrain from containing unlawful contents like pornography, violence, bloody scenes, etc.
2. Participating works must have been created or released to the public after January 1, 2016.
3. All works shall be original works, and works of collective creativity shall not participate in the contest until being approved by the creator in chief. All nominated works will be made public through the network media. It is strictly prohibited to copy, plagiarize, or imitate others’ works; any individual or party found out to have done so will be revoked of qualification for participation at the Organizing Committee’s discretion, and will be held legally responsible for any adverse influence caused to the contest event.
Article 8: No registration fee is required from participants. After filling and submitting the registration form at www.cybersousa.org (official website of Xiamen International Animation Festival) participants shall submit participating works and relevant materials according to the requirements in the Detailed Rules for Participation.
Article 9: after filling and submitting the registration form, participants will be deemed as having agreed to all clauses of these Regulations and the Detailed Rules for Participation.

VI. Appraisal
Article 10: refer to the Detailed Rules for Participation for this contest’s specific appraisal procedures and criteria.
Article 11: the Organizing Committee and the Judge Panel will single out prize-winning works and determine the awarding list according to the Detailed Rules for Participation. Within two weeks after the appraisal work comes to an end, the Organizing Committee will inform passing participants of the appraisal results.
Article 12: all participating works that have passed the initial appraisal will be displayed to the general public during the Animation Screening Week of the Xiamen International Animation Festival.

VII. Awarding Method and Rewards
Article 13: the Organizing Committee is responsible for issuing to the prize winners the trophies, certificates and bonus of the “Cyber Sousa” Award Animation Works Contest. See the Detailed Rules for Participation for prize setting and awarding methods.

VIII. Legal Matters
Article 14: All participants shall be the participating works’ legal owners, and they shall possess the copyright and shoulder related legal responsibilities.
Article 15: All copyrights are reserved by the authors. However, during the contest, the Organizing Committee is entitled to display and screen participating works on the media, as well as has the right to collect excellent works for publication and distribution.
Article 16: Except as expressly stated as otherwise by the author on his/her registration form, the Organizing Committee shall have the right to take all or part of his/her works as this contest’s promotion and publication material.
Article 17: This contest does not assume any responsibility related to participating work’s loss during the mailing process.
Article 18: The Organizing Committee will not restrain participants from using the same works to partake in any other similar contest or relevant commercial activities that take place beyond the period of this contest, however, any and all aftermaths resulting from conflicts with other contest organizers or relevant organs’ provisions shall be borne solely by the participants themselves.

IX. Supplementary Provisions
Article 19: These Regulations will take effect since the day when it is released.
Article 20: The Organizing Committee of the “Cyber Sousa” Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival reserves the right of final interpretation for these Regulations.

Organizing Committee of the “Cyber Sousa” Award of Xiamen International Animation Festival
JULY 6, 2018


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