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Member of  Evaluation Committee for “Cyber Sousa”Award
of 2016 9th Xiamen International Animation Festival
Animation Group

丁海祥 Haixiang Ding
Professor,dean and master tutor in Animation college of Zhejiang Communication Institute,and also serves as animation, digital media undergraduate teaching guidance committee in the Ministry of Education China. China Animation Association executive director, vice president of Hangzhou Animation and Game Association, deputy director of Creative Design Association in Zhejiang Province. He published many monographs and national planning materials.

毛继东 Jidong Mao
National director,founder of multimedia and animation company.Producer of different types of animation film over 3000 minutes. Three works won the Outstanding Award in SARFT and animation associations prize, head of the Animation Department in Northern Film Group.He is committed to combining traditional art and modern science and technology, and is setting up animation production platform currently.

森文 Wen Sen
Vice dean, professor, master tutor in Yunnan Art School (animation and digital media, industrial design engineering research). Yunnan Artists Association member, the Asian Animation Education Association member, executive director of Yunnan Branch of China Architecture Association of Interior Design. Publication of "Animation art", "Animation Techniques" and "creative graphics", "Animation Art Appreciation", and other books .

武珉 Min Wu
National Artist.Animation Director of China Central Television. Distinguished Professor of the Central Academy of Fine Arts and Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute of the Arts. Publicate "The Adventures of flag banner" and many other sets of children's cartoon books.Participate in many animated films and TV series to get many kinds of prize such as Huabiao Award, Golden Eagle Award Prize and other government and industry awards.

Kim Tae Hyun
 Tom has been working for K-production since 2009 as an Executive Producer and he has been produced over 50 titles of 2d and 3d animation series includes Service work and creative work.  Currently he is producing 2 titles of 2d animation (“I love ddung”-11min/52eps and “Sky High”-21min/26eps. He is also producing a 3d animation series called “RICE MAN”-21min/24eps. 2012~PRESENTS DIRECTOR of Korean animation producer association;2013 Grand Jury for SCICAF in Korea;2016 Grand Jury for SCICAF in Korea.

Luca Raffaelli
Born in Rome in 1959, he started animation when he was young. He created the cartoon magazine "Metal Hurlant" (Italy) and "Video Cartoon & Comics". He is the deputy director of Salone di Lucca on comics animation festival, who is also in charge of the Venice Film Festival animated film unit, artistic director of Cartoombria animation festival for the first three .

Ray Kosarin
President of ASIFA-USA East,supervising director,producer for hit animated TV series DARIA, THE WORLD OF TOSH, BEAVIS AND BUTT-HEAD, THREE FRIENDS AND JERRY and others. X-sheet director for TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, WORDWORLD. Animator,digital and traditional,for STREET, NBC'S SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE, many others.Project management; pre-production, animatic to broadcast delivery; long and short-form projects.

谭铁志 Tan TieZhi
Professors, academic leaders, master tutor in New Media Art Department of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts;Beijing Great Wall Scholars Program inductees;Director of National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts Scholarship Committee;Secretary general of Professional Painting Committee of China Arts and Crafts Society, distinguished experts of national cultural trade platform;His art works have displayed at home and abroad. 

王川 Wang Chuan
Famous animation director, Master of CASS Graduate School of Mass Communication, a former visiting professor at Tsinghua University Fine Arts Academy; graduate director of Communication University of China. President of Beijing Vasoon Animation Co., Ltd. The series animated feature film "Kuiba" screenwriter, director. Chinese television, "Golden Eagle Award" Art Film Award jury,animation Academy Award jury, Shanghai International Film Festival Award for animation Jury. 

宋强 Song Qiang
Deputy Director (Engineering) in special effects technology Laboratory of China Film Research Institute;Director, producer, art director, member of China Filmmaker Association. Major works: animation director "Monkey King prequel", 4K3D stereoscopic animated short film "dark months", has participated in many activities of the industry as guest speakers, drafting several industry standards, main books are: " modeling and distortion ".

Ed Desroches
ASIFA President,animator, web designer, instructor and computer geek, Ed has produced, directed, animated and edited numerous short films through workshops and independent projects.  He has designed and developed computer systems ranging from poker games to mobile applications. Sometimes he can be found teaching at Rocky Mountain College of Art + Design or Art Institute of Colorado. He founded the ASIFA-Colorado Workshop projects and has held workshops both in the USA and abroad. He has juried many animation competitions.  

Hugues Martel 
Hugues particularly distinguished for his work in animation onThe Belleville Triplets ("Lumières" Award for Best Animated Film of 2004, in nomination for the César Award for Best Animated Film in 2004. 2010,he created his own company, Pure Arts. April and the Extraordinary World (Annecy’s Cristal Award for Best Feature Film 2015), Roco Kingdom 4: The Forest of Giants (Best Feature Film 2015 at the Snow Wolf Animation & Comics Competition (China) &Golden Angel Award for the Best Feature Film 2015 at the China-American Film Festival).

黄丽明 Emily Wong 
Emily Wong had graduated from Columbia College-Hollywood in film studies where she started experimenting stop motion animation. Afterward she had worked in visual effects in both Hong Kong and Canada as producer, setting up motion control effects studio. Her animation works "Tree as Company" and "Such is Life" had been awarded locally and in overseas. In 2010, she established "Hong Kong Animation Filmmaker Society". She hope to continue the creative process of animation making, 

廉俊英 Yeom, Jun-Young
Professor ?????of Animation Department Hanseo University 
General Director of Korea Comics and Animation Association;Director of Korea Comics and Animation Association  SICAF Organize Committee;19th SICAF Seoul International Cartoon and Animation Festival Pavilion University Director;BIAF 2015 Puchon International Animation Festival Director University Pavilion;PISAF 2004 Bucheon Student Animation Festival Organizing Committee Advisory Committee;Korean Film Revitalization Committee Cartoon and Animation review committee.

Comic Group

权迎升 Yingsheng Quan
Contemporary Transboundary artists, member of the Chinese Artist Association, "Chinese Culture and Arts Government Award," "Best creator or team Award" winner, and was named in the "focus on supporting creative talent"of Ministry of Culture.As of 2015,he has been awarded more than 40 art awards at home and abroad.Creator of "Mr. China surprise".He bagan to exhibit his works  "Quan Yingsheng Surprise Ink Art" with Tencent since 2014.

陈墨白 Mobai Chen
Chief editor of "Qingdao anime" magazine, animation director.Creative Imaging Dr..Teacher of Qingdao University of Science Communication and Animation Institute, member of ASIFA-China(International Animation Association), expert members of China Digital Art Expert Committee. External Professor of Malaysia Lin Guorong Creative Technology University.

王立军 Lijun Wang
 Cartoonist, publisher, curator of animation activities,China Artists Association Comics Art Committee, deputy general manager of Beijing Fanglue Bohua Culture Media Co., Ltd.,vice president of the Beijing Digital Content Industry Association, Tutor of China Communication University Faculty of art. China News Award (art),national professional animation contest evaluation experts; 

高永 Yong Gao
Shanghai Animation Film Group Corporation (Shanghai Animation Film Studio), "Sui and Tang Heroes" animated character setting, "sad Juliet" won Taiwan Administrative Department annual comics GTA in 1990. The international version of color pictures released by the Japanese GRAPHIG- SHA (there are versions in five languages – English,French, Japanese,German,Spain)in 2004. Chairman of the third office in Taipei Comics PROFESSIONAL union.

朱完洙 Wansoo Joo
Professor of  Korea National University of Arts Comprehensive Image College
1991 Illustrated modern history of Korea  Chosun University Press
1996 21 people shake the world   Samsung Press

林超Lin Chao 
Professor, PhD Tutor,dean of Media and Animation college of Wuyi University. Experts Committee of National 10 ministries to support the cartoons and animation industry development leading group;Deputy director of China Digital Entertainment and Simulation Technical Committee;Deputy director of the China Animation Association ;Deputy Secretary General of China Artists Association Cartoon and Animation Art Committee. 

肖承森 Xiao ChengSen
Executive editor of People's Daily, "Satire and Humor" newspaper; Director of China News Comics Research Association, China cultural and creative industries development academy researchers. Published cartoons of nearly 4000 in more than 300 national newspapers. More than 20 works were selected for participation in international competitions or exhibitions in South Korea, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Romania, Poland and other countries. Published more than 100 comics review article,invited as a jury for many Comics Festival.

Pat Bagley
Pat Bagley is the cartoonist for the newspaper The Salt Lake Tribune. His cartoons use humor to illustrate events in the state of Utah, and in the world. When the Winter Olympics came to Salt Lake City in 2002, Mr. Bagley's cartoons were a popular part of the events surrounding the competition. In the 38 years Mr. Bagley has been with the Tribune, he has won several awards, including the prestigious Herblock Prize and was a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He is syndicated internationally and over 800 publications subscribe to his cartoons. 

赵正來 Jo Jeongrae
Professor of Korea Hanlin University;Visiting professor of Central University sophisticated image college.Jury for 2010 Comics and Animation strongest exhibition in Korea University; 2011, 2015, Seoul international animation Festival jury; 2009--2010 in Puchon international University animation Festival Advisory ask members; 2011--2013 Korea culture and Arts Education Promotion Agency Education committee; "TechArt Journal of Arts and Imaging Science" editorial board; "Korean comic and animation research" edit members.

战斗毛 Fightmon
Cartoonist, Taiwan illustrator Association executive director, is mainly engaged in the design, comics and illustration creation. His major works include ︰ "What are you", "super-real boy", "Give my hate father," "a thief".